Covid-19, Our Response

The Covid -19 crisis presents  worrying times not only for businesses but also for young people whose education has been severely disrupted and future plans thrown into uncertainty.

At Apprenticeships New Anglia we know that this year’s school leavers will have added concerns to those of their predecessors. Future prospects and worries of falling between the gaps when recruitment does begin to pick up again in what will undoubtedly be a highly competitive job market, will no doubt be of concern to them, their parents and the teachers who have invested so many years into preparing them for their future careers. Despite the current levels of lockdown, we are still 100% focussed on continuing to give support those young people and our services remain open in order to be able to do just that.

A team of young mentors, themselves apprentices, and led by an experienced Apprenticeship management team, are working with young people, schools  & businesses across Norfolk & Suffolk to bring together young people and businesses, aiming to secure conditional offers of apprenticeship placements for Year 11 to 13 school leavers. We then provide ongoing support into full time employment with Apprenticeship Training. 

Whilst the current situation has put much of the country on hold, our young school leavers are still looking to their futures, and at Apprenticeships New Anglia , we are keener than ever to get alongside those individuals and help them keep moving forwards towards their goals.

Under normal circumstances we would offer face-to-face support in your school however our team is able to work with those young people remotely via the internet to offer:

  • Application for apprenticeships screening
  • Information and advice on Apprenticeships by sector
  • Assistance with applications and CV and Biography creation
  • Interview technique training
  • Dedicated business development for the individual to match them to a suitable employer
  • Linkage between business and candidate
  • Mentoring Support


To find out how to get your leavers access to our FREE apprentice mentor and employment support services

please speak to Paul Wright on 07917125681 or email [email protected] 

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