Additional services from Apprenticeships New Anglia to support during the pandemic

Are you an Apprenticeship Provider struggling to find new placements for redundant or laid off apprentices aged 16 to 24 in Norfolk and Suffolk?

Are you concerned that tight contractual timescales mean you may have to remove your redundant apprentices from programme?

Are you working with employers who are highlighting concerns to you about furloughed apprentices not being able to be retained once the scheme begins to wind down? 

"Back on TrAC" is an innovative solution to support employers, providers and apprentices during the Covid-19 pandemic designed to share and reduce risk. 

TrAC, an award winning Apprenticeship Training Agency can take on the contractural employment obligations in the short or long term to keep your apprentices employed and therefore retained on programme. 

Use the link below to contact us for further details.

Are you an apprentice aged 16 to 24, midway through your Apprenticeship?

Have you been made redundant from your Apprenticeship and struggling to find a new job? 

Have you been temporarily laid off from your Apprenticeship employer or told there is no work for you any more? 

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, we can help you.  

"Back On TrAC" is a new service from the award winning Apprenticeship Training Agency to support you back into work.  TrAC has a 100% success rate and everyone who completes their Apprenticeship with TrAC has successfully progressed into work or further training. 

Do you work for a school?

Are you worried that the young people you work with might not be able to find an Apprenticeship?

Our Apprenticeship Mentors can help and support young people to ensure a successful transition and prevent them becoming NEET.

Whilst the current situation has put much of the country on hold, our young school leavers are still looking to their futures, and at Apprenticeships New Anglia , we are keener than ever to get alongside those individuals and help them keep moving forwards towards their goals.

Under normal circumstances we would offer face-to-face support in your school however our team is able to work with those young people remotely via the internet to offer:

  • Application for apprenticeships screening
  • Information and advice on Apprenticeships by sector
  • Assistance with applications and CV and Biography creation
  • Interview technique training
  • Dedicated business development for the individual to match them to a suitable employer
  • Linkage between business and candidate
  • Mentoring Support

Are you an employer who has already, or needs to make an apprentice redundant? 

Are you concerned about the future and looking to de-risk your contractural commitments?

Are you concerned about what happens to your apprentice if there is a second wave of the virus and we experience local or regional lockdowns? 

If you answer yes to any of these questions,  Apprenticeships New Anglia and TrAC can help you manage the risk and can support you throughout this period of uncertainty. 

TrAC's new "Back on TrAC" service can help to ensure that your apprentice can continue their learning and employment in the short or long term, whilst managing the risk for you. 

TrAC can employ your apprentice directly and then place them with you, or with other employers so that they can successfully complete their Apprenticeship. You only pay for the hours you can accommodate and we ensure that any Government Financial Support available is claimed. 

Get in touch using the link below and one of our Apprenticeship experts will be in contact to discuss the options available. 

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