Our Digital Inclusion project is delivered in partnership with New Anglia Local Enterprise Partnership and is funded by the European Social Fund. 



Use your laptop now to search for an Apprenticeship

If you have applied to Apprenticeships New Anglia and are on the way to becoming an apprentice, we can support you through this project* with the loan of a quality laptop, complete with a mobile data allocation so that you are able to effectively stay in contact with your Apprenticeship Mentor and Apprenticeship Development Manager. 

Equipment can be loaned out over school and college holidays to prevent "down time" and to help you to continue to be active when at home. 

We are also able to loan equipment to apprentice** on furlough to allow them to carry on with their learning and also to those young people who we are supporting back into work who have been made redundant by their previous employer. 

Our current apprentices can also access equipment so that they can access their training sessions remotely*. 



Your laptop is issued for use specifically linked to your Apprenticeship or your work with Apprenticeships New Anglia.   If you are not a current apprentice, we will be in contact with you early in January 2021 to find out how the loan is going.  

At this point we will ask you to complete another form and then we will agree with you as to if you have a continuing need for a loaned laptop from the project. 

If you decide not to continue with the loan, you will be able to request another loan of equipment at a later date**. 

If you are at school, 6th form or college, we can organise for you to access laptops during each holiday to ensure you remain connected when not at school or college*

* Subject to equipment availability

**To be eligible, you must have applied and been accepted onto the Apprenticeships New Anglia Programme and be living in Norfolk or Suffolk. 

If you are having trouble with your laptop, or you have lost or damaged this equipment, please let us know immediately using the form below.  We will contact you by phone to explain the next steps.  Before you contact us, please use read the guides below and check you have set everything up correctly. Thank you

If you would like to view a YouTube set up video, please please click here

How to use the Wireless Internet Device How to use the Wireless Internet Device

This is the little device that you plug into the side of your Laptop.  It allows you to access data via the Vodafone network (so long as you have a signal)

Read More
Using your new Laptop Using your new Laptop

This is a helpful guide to get you started and logged onto your new laptop. 

Read More
Using Outlook and One Drive Using Outlook and One Drive

This allows you to set up an email address using Outlook and store your files in the "cloud" on One Drive so that they can be accessed by you on this laptop and on other equipment once your loan period has ended. 

Read More

Only complete this form if you currently have IT equipment on loan from us and have an issue with the equipment, or if you would like to end the loan early and want us to arrange collection of the equipment. 

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