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What is a TrAC Apprenticeships Norfolk apprenticeship?

A TrAC AN apprenticeship is similar to any other apprenticeship - it is a job with training.

As well as attending your place of work, where you will learn on the job, you will also attend a place of learning such as a college or training establishment.

Attending both work and training is vital as you work towards a nationally recognised qualification.


The four main types of Apprenticeship are intermediate, advanced, higher and degree level.

Most intermediate apprenticeships require no minimum qualifications.  Advanced and Higher Apprenticeships do have entry qualification requirements - see our vacancies for more details.  Degree Apprenticeships provide an opportunity to gain a full bachelor's (Level 6) or master's degree (Level 7) and can take between three to six years to complete depending on the level of the course.

How is a TrAC AN apprenticeship different?

A TrAC AN apprenticeship pulls together a number of different placements, giving apprentices an opportunity to work with a range of different companies and professionals.

TrAC AN apprentices benefit from increased security around the continuation of the apprenticeship as well as the chance to experience different host companies, along with different ways of working.  This all adds up to a great CV and really helps to complement college training.

At the end of the apprenticeship, we help to find and secure employment for all our apprentices.  So far 100% of TrAC apprentices have gone into employment in the industry.  Every TrAC apprentice helps to build the future.

What will you learn?

That depends on the job you are training for.

There are hundreds of different roles that you can do as an apprentice.  Every apprenticeship follows a programme of study to deliver the skills and abilities that employers need and they are accredited by professional bodies.

At the end of your apprenticeship you will have the qualifications, skills and experience which match exactly what an employer wants so that you can go on and enjoy a career in your chosen industry.

Where will you train?

The frequency, location and how training is delivered will depend on the profession you are training for and where you live.

What is certain is that you will be trained on the job and at a college or training provider.

If the training is specialist or only delivered in certain locations, TrAC AN Apprentices may have to travel to college and may even need to stay away from home.  Some apprentices find this a daunting prospect whilst others enjoy the opportunity to be independent and live away from home for short periods of time.

We know that travel is difficult, especially for a young person who may not yet be able to drive or who does not have access to transport.  We always aim to make sure you are provided with training as close to your home address as possible but if you do need to travel or stay away from home, this will be paid for and we will provide you with approved accommodation and meals for your stay.

Apprentice wages can vary from placement to placement but what is guaranteed is that all apprentices are paid in line with Government national minimum wage guidelines

College training is fully funded and apprentices will also be reimbursed for any travel expenses associated with getting to and from colleges.  As your employer, TrAC will also provide any Personal Protection Equipment necessary and CSCS card (if working in construction)

What happens when the apprenticeship is completed?

We want all TrAC AN apprentices to have the best start to their career and will continue employment until the apprenticeship has been completed and achieved.  Very often on completion, TrAC AN apprentices are offered employment by one of the host companies they worked with during placements.  If an apprentice gets to the end of an apprenticeship and has not secured employment, our apprentice management team are on hand to help.

So far we have achieved 100% employment on completion.

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