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We provide information, advice and support in schools, colleges, 6th forms and in the community to support young people aged 16 to 24 to find the right Apprenticeship for them. 

We can help with making an application, preparing for interview, helping to plan travel to and from your Apprenticeship and can advise you at every step of the way from initial application all the way through to your end point assessment and completion


Our Apprenticeship Mentors can offer first hand information advice and support.  Find out what its really like to be an apprentice. 

Are you a business looking to take on an apprentice?

We help small and medium sized companies to successfully recruit and train apprentices

If your business is based in Norfolk or Suffolk, we can help you to recruit the very best young talent.  Through our project partnership, we know the young people in education across both counties who are soon going to be seeking an Apprenticeship opportunity. 

We want to work with you to match the right young people to your business and make their transition from education smooth and seamless.  We know that lots of young people in schools and colleges aspire to be an apprentice each year, but because of the mismatched timescales around when they have to make their cohoices and when businesses start to recruit, so many go onto other forms of Further Education, only to drop out later when they find it wasn't for them. 

Apprenticeships Norfolk will work together with you and your local education providers to make sure you and these young people do not miss out on a great opportunity. 

Contact us now and we will guide you through every step of the way. 

Are you new to Apprenticeships?  Do you want an apprentice to workmwith you, but worry about the commitment? 

If so, TrAC can help.  

TrAC is a Government approved Apprenticeship Training Agency that recruits apprentices, employs them and then places them with one or more "host employers" for the duration of their Apprenticeship. 

This means that you can have an apprentice for a fixed term, without committing to the entire programme.  




To see details of businesses already benefitting from Apprenticeships New Anglia  click here


Simply put, every single apprentice who completed their Apprenticeship programme with TrAC has successfully gained employment.   

For any Apprenticeship Training Agency, ensuring progression at the end of the Apprenticeship is a key measure of quality.  TrAC prides itself on its 100% record which it has held since its creation in 2012. 



We often attend events to promote the exciting opportunities we have coming up. 

If you have an event coming up that you feel would be suitable for Apprenticeships New Anglia to attend, please get in contact with us. Our Apprentice Development Managers are available to attend or to speak to prospective candidates and companies alike.

Use the button below to tell us about your next upcoming event.

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